The surprisingly long list of free activities

To fight the assumption that I need to spend money to enjoy myself, I drafted a list of essentially free, and generally enjoyable, activities. Depending on your supplies and equipment, some of these options will not be free. Plenty are free for anyone. To avoid a repetitive list, I’ve broken the list into broad categories:

  1. Consume
  2. Socialize
    • Call your parents
    • Visit a friend or family
    • Talk to people you encounter
  3. Learn
    • Practice a skill
    • Learn a language
  4. Think
    • Reflect on your past
    • Imagine possible futures
    • Imagine the lives of others
    • Meditate
    • Wander
  5. Exercise
    • Run
    • Stretch
    • Informal Yoga
    • Lift weights
    • Lift yourself
  6. Attend
    • University lecture
    • Community event
    • Seminar
  7. Support
    • Volunteer for a charity or nonprofit
    • Help a friend
  8. Relax
    • Nap
    • Browse
    • Draw/doodle
  9. Organize
    • Clean something you’ve ignored too long
    • Cook food before it goes bad
    • Groom
    • Plan
    • Review expenses
  10. Express
    • Write
    • Recite

Without adding anything too specific, what have I missed?

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