Use Problems as Solutions

In many cases, problems seem insurmountable when considered alone. Keep widening your awareness, and eventually you will find the problem becomes a solution for a different issue.

Home Heating Example:

I once heard of a European company that modified a set of servers into a space heater. I can’t remember the exact offer, but they would essentially discount the cost of your heating bill in return for the computation performed in your home. I believe Microsoft had a similar idea with high-rises, where they could set up a large server farm to replace a centralized heating system.

Since I heard of these initial concepts, many opportunities have arrived for DIY solutions. You can contribute your computer’s idle periods to scientific research, mining cryptocurrencies, and many other initiatives. In other words, you can heat your home with science! Or, get paid to run other productive computations.

Tl;dr – Heat is the byproduct of many productive functions, there is no need to use energy for heat alone.

BEWARE: Many systems, laptops for example, aren’t designed to work 24/7. Inadequate cooling will significantly reduce the lifespan of your computer. BOINC allows fine tuning around storage, CPU, and GPU usage. Many other applications are less developed, and require other software or hardware to address the demands.

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