Just in Time

Just in time (JIT), instead of “just in case”, is the ideal of striving to make our efforts as timely as possible. There are countless just in case scenarios we could specifically prepare for, but then much of the work will be wasted if we are blindsided by a completely different issue. Instead, it is far better to focus on improving the resilience of the process.

Misinterpreting JIT

Unfortunately, too many interpret JIT to mean merely minimizing preparations/slack/cushioning and hoping any issue is eclipsed by the gains during regular operations. For example, many claim their global supply chain is JIT, but the limitations of transportation make it impossible for virtually anything physical. JIT supply chains would be localized supply chains, like tapwater.

Key Factors


Making work easy enough that anyone can do it, while minimizing the need for specialized equipment.


Travel time and distance are minimized.


Setup/work is externalized so the solution is easy to implement.