How long do you have?

You could have a day, or 2,000,000. It’s impossible to know where you will fit within the spectrum. Nothing is forever, but can last ages. We may address many longevity factors, but there are always surprises. So what? In some ways, people act as though they’ll live forever, in others, like tomorrow never comes. Both are painfully wrong.

Ever feel like you’re stuck waiting for a good time to act? For the important actions, the best time is now. Don’t delay. The first step may be small, seemingly insignificant, but you have to start. Any great journey is full of unexpected detours, taking longer than we’d ever imagine. Begin before you are unable to realize fantastic transformation.

Sacrificing tomorrow for today? Is it what you ultimately want? Or was it only on a whim? Are you stuck in a vicious cycle, pretending it will end before anything gets too bad? If you proactively address the issues, you can choose a more pleasant remedy than any imposed by others.

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