10 Experiments to Shatter Perspectives

All experiments have risks, please be careful and understand your own situation before jumping into anything.

1. Fast for a day

Avoiding any calories for a given period can help reset any bad cravings, among other direct health benefits. Many find it easy to skip breakfast, lunch can be a little more difficult. Oddly, fasting gets easier the longer you last, after the initial lunch hunger. Staying hydrated, especially with a nutrient-rich broth, becomes critical the longer you fast. Coffee has appetite suppressing qualities, but be sure to pace out the caffeinated consumption.

2. Ditch your smartphone

This was probably the most difficult for me, as suggested by past writing. The addiction to notifications and convenient access has built slowly, but surely, over the last 10 years. The many benefits blinded me to the harm of my behaviour. Ditching my phone for any number of hours has helped me understand the depth of my addiction, and become mindful of its pull. I have it sitting next to me, as I type, and I can feel a sort of gravity pulling me to it.

3. Ditch all electronics

Similar to the last, but now avoiding all distractions. Even without my phone, I could still lose hours to Netflix or YouTube. The exercise reminds me how much can be done in a day, if I don’t get caught in the net. After doing this several times, my justification grew to the point of deleting and unsubscribing from many services.

4. Walk or bike everywhere

For those of us used to driving, choosing to walk or bike can feel like a strange choice, but it is often more convenient. Some preferences require a little adjustment, but the freedom to choose from several modes builds a sense of security. I drive when appropriate, but find walking more enjoyable, even when it can take much longer. It may sound less efficient, but I find it uniquely calming, and some of my best thoughts arose during walks.

5. Rely on your offhand

I haven’t repeated this recently, but I have fractured the occasional finger or wrist, forcing me to rely on an offhand for various activities. Boring tasks suddenly become interesting, and I became more adaptable as a result.

6. Nap or sleep on the floor

We take many luxuries for granted, and a soft bed is one of them. In many circumstances, if I’m sore or don’t want to sleep too long, I find myself preferring the floor. You’ll want a little cushion for your head, and slightly warmer covers. On the flipside, the floor has deepened my appreciation for memory foam mattress.

7. Cut carbs

For most of my life, I looked at carbs as merely energy. If I ate too much, and too concentrated, I could get a little hyper. I didn’t notice the unique links of carbs to other side effects. My appetite would never satisfy, I often felt anxious for no reason, etc. Reducing carbs helped me realize those effects, and find healthier sources of energy.

8. Cut caffeine

This is not to avoid caffeine, I see it as a useful tool, rather avoiding tolerance and increasing doses. As with many substances, we can become tolerant to desired effects. Unfortunately, increased doses can have other harmful side effects. If you have any resting or relaxing days in your week, abstain from caffeine. You’ll recover more effectively, and get the proper boost from caffeine, when you need it.

9. Eat the same meal

If repeating the same meal sounds deathly boring, this is for you. If you have to cheat, try only to adjust the seasoning. This lifestyle isn’t ideal, nor is it horrible or bad. As with many other experiments, you should be able to fear less of the negative and appreciate more of the ideal when you enjoy it.

10. Consume all content in a secondary language

For those wishing to learn or maintain a second language, taking opportunities for immersion is critical. With the internet, there are countless sources of news and entertainment in your language of choice. You can also understand more of the cultural references missed by formal lessons.

Although you could try many of these at once, I suggest taking one at a time. It is easier to gauge the effects if you only modify one.

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