How Many Reasons do we Need to Boycott a Country?

While it is tempting to chase the best “value” for a product, our purchases can end up funding despicable acts on the other side of the world. Tax revenues alone can provide significant support to a regime, but authoritarian governments often have far stronger ties to the exporters from their countries. Knowing this, how many of the behaviours below would be enough for you to choose to boycott a country? Any one of them individually? A grouping of the worst? What if one country committed all of them within the past few years?


Concentration Camps

Forced Organ Harvesting

World’s Leading Executioner

Politicized Judiciary

Threating to Invade Neighboring Countries

Naval Attacks

Political Kidnappings


Systemic Discrimination

Supplying Illegal Narcotics

Suppressing Responses to Outbreaks

Censorship of Public and Private Conversations

Using All Businesses for Intelligence Gathering

Illegal Fishing

Environmental Destruction


Bribing Foreign Leaders (Elite Capture)

Violating International Treaties

Supporting Authoritarian Regimes

The provided sources vary, but any of the major sites could have provided most or all of the same stories included here. No matter your political stances, you should find a handful of sources you trust to corroborate.

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