How we Spend is a Greater Influence than our Vote

While some of us live in close ridings, where only a handful of votes can determine the outcome, most of us have less impact on elections. Voting is still important, and impactful. The power you give to others, through spending, is often greater.

What matters more?

  • 1 vote for the environment; or constantly burning fossil fuels for driving and heating, while importing from countries with poor environmental protections?
  • 1 vote for a higher minimum wage, or buying from companies paying unlivable wages, or outsourcing to cheaper regions?
  • 1 vote for promoting human rights, or buying from countries that actively suppress the rights of their citizens?

I didn’t name specific parties, as it is a subjective judgement to say which candidate or party best addresses each issue. Regardless, the companies we give money will influence government in more obvious directions, and will also directly impact the issues we value.

Actions prove our beliefs, and the more significant actions offer greater proof. If the greatest action we take is a vote every handful of years, how much do we really care?

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