Let go of Blame

Nothing is anyone’s fault, there is always a prior cause we can blame, one we could not control. We did not choose our parents, where we were born or raised, our genetic traits, or any other fact that precedes any real sense of agency.

The original cause doesn’t matter, outside of understanding factors. If I don’t like an aspect of my life, I shouldn’t waste energy blaming myself or fate. Blame is likely to cause more suffering than relief. Time and energy must be reserved for solving the problem, or taking advantage of the opportunities presented by it. Overcoming any trial will lead to some confidence, and the ability to help others. With over 7.5 billion people, there is a fantastically high chance to help people triumph over similar issues. You can write blogs, record tutorials, develop an application or product, etc.

Your troubles have the potential to become a source of greatness, take advantage.

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