How I Used TextNow to Save 60% on my Wireless Plan

About TextNow

TextNow is a North American service offering talk and text over internet. In the US, they offer cell phones and data plans, in addition to the usual talk and text. As a Canadian, I only have access to their application, which provides a local number and free unlimited calling and texting to North America.


Using TextNow

I pay the 4 USD/month to hide ads, lock my number, and block telemarketers. They also offer call forwarding, for those who want a second line. By having to use their application, certain methods of phone number verification won’t work. I preferred texting through other applications, but contact only a few people through SMS/MMS, so I barely notice. I used to hate fighting terrible reception in my office, but can now use WiFi for a reliable connection. I have noticed some services block VOIP calls, which seems odd.


My Favorite Part

Until last month, I spent $80/month, after tax. I only bought unlocked phones, which allowed me to keep an old talk and text plan with unlimited data. Even with reckless usage, I rarely surpassed 5GB monthly. Only needing data, I converted to a 5GB data plan for a jaw dropping $20/month! With taxes, and TextNow Premium, my new bill is just under $30. I more than halved my bill, without sacrificing anything I used before. If I could stand the ads, and wanted to be careful with data usage, I could reduce my after tax bill to $20.

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