Decade Determined Decisions

I once read that wealthier people budget on an annual basis, as many costs are not evenly spread throughout the year. If you looked at a smaller scale, you could run into cashflow issues, and end up with short-term loans or overdraft fees. For those looking to further evaluate costs, and their long-term consequences, it helps to look at the next largest scale, a decade. Seemingly small costs suddenly seem impactful, especially if you account for the opportunity cost from compounding investments.

Decade Savings
$8/month may feel like nothing in the moment, but could have grown into a $1400 investment.

If you find joy and satisfaction from a seemingly cheap subscription, great. I kept Google Music for this reason. I find the right music improves almost any situation, work or play. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Funimation, and high data wireless plans were all nice at times, but I often found myself distracted for several hours at a time. It also becomes tempting to use services to justify the commitment. Looking at the cost over a decade was the little push I needed to break free.

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